Your DIY guide to caring for a finny friend in a mini home.

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The Fish Bowl Guide

Your DIY guide to caring for a finny friend in a mini home.


Welcome to my website dedicated to the beautiful aquarium fish, the Betta fish. Here you will find information and advice about keeping a Betta fish in fish bowls. You can read about starting and maintaining a fish bowl, and how to keep your Betta fish healthy and happy in his little home, the Betta Fish Bowl.

If you'd like the pleasure of a beautiful fish but don't have the space for a large aquarium, a fish bowl may be just the solution you need to bring a finny friend to your home. While it is true that a fish bowl is not the best home for any type of fish, fish bowls do work if you get the right size, the right fish, and provide it with appropriate care and maintenance.

Take note however, that contrary to popular belief, fish bowls are not that easy to care for. In fact, it is easier to care for a larger fish tank. If you choose to keep fish in a bowl, there are several things you should keep in mind. Fish produces waste as they consume food, and these contribute to poor water quality. In a small environment like a bowl, it is easier for these wastes to accumulate and reach toxic levels due to the small volume of water to neutralize them. So if you could afford to keep a larger tank rather than a small bowl, please do. Fish bowls are only intended for the rest of us who don't have enough space to keep a large tank, such as those staying in college dormitories or small offices. This guide will help you learn how to keep and maintain a fish bowl at its best.